Our Programme of Study

Inspire Professional Development offers a primary route into teaching. Our programme covers the 3-11 age phase, covering Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Our trainees will carry out wider duties that are the normal expectations of teachers, including pastoral care and supervision. They become part of the teaching team within the school, and their duties and responsibilities will be determined by the school leadership team.

The outline of our training programme:

Term 1:

  • We recommend our trainees to spend their first term of training observing good practice in teaching, both in their host school and other schools

  • Trainees are to gain experience of working with children in small groups and to co-teach larger groups

  • Trainees are encouraged to arrange training opportunities to support their areas of development and to enhance their skill set

  • Trainees are required to familiarise themselves with their school's policies and procedures

  • Weekly Mentor meetings will need to scheduled 

Term 2:

  • Trainees are typically expected to take on 50% of the teaching responsibility of their class, for at least 3 weeks

  • Trainees are required to begin collecting evidence towards the Teachers' Standards

  • Trainees to attend their weekly Mentor meetings, to set and review targets 

Terms 3 and 4:

  • During Term 3, Trainees will commence their swap placement; to gain experience in another setting and key stage to that of their host school

  • Trainees are typically expected to take on 60-70% of the teaching responsibility of their class, for at least 4 weeks of each term

  • Trainees are expected to undertake assessments of the children in their class, with support from the Class Teacher

Terms 5 and 6:

  • Trainees are typically expected to take on 70-80% of the teaching responsibility of their class, for an 8 week block

  • Trainees to agree their final assessment date

We recommend that one full day a week is to be kept free of teaching commitments, to allow our Trainees to attend our centre-based training sessions, to visit other schools, to carry out tasks and to meet regularly with their Mentor.

Our training involves three key elements:

  1. Teaching Practice

  2. Out-of-Classroom Training Sessions

  3. Directed Study Tasks

The content of our training sessions includes the following:

  • Safeguarding

  • Phonics

  • The Early Years Foundation Stage

  • The National Curriculum

  • Behaviour Management

  • Supporting Children with SEND

  • Assessment

  • Marking

  • The Learning Environment