Year 5

Please see below some useful activities and websites to support your child at home, if they are in Year 5.


You can download the 'Year 5 Home Learning Pack' from the Twinkl website. Please register for free and use the code 'UKTWINKLHELPS' and click on the following link:


Year 5 Interactive Learning Links: Twinkl -

You can download the 'Upper KS2 Home Learning Pack' from the Teacher's Pet website. Please register for free and click on the following link:

Upper KS2 Home Learning Pack 2 -


  • Daily reading – school reading book, books from home, comics and so on

  • Practise some sentence starters – including -ing, -ed, -ly, conjunctions, starters and relative clauses.

  • Write a non-chronological report on a subject you are interested on

  • Write a story – using powerful vocabulary and sentence structures

  • Practise using brackets, dashes and commas in a sentence to add extra information

  • Write a poem about the start of spring - think about what happens at this time, what do you see for the first time in the year? What sounds, colours and smells does spring evoke?

  • Grammar – recap on your knowledge of relative clauses and practise some in full sentences with commas in the correct place. Use the following PowerPoint to help you:

  • Spelling – ensure you know how to spell (and know the meanings of) all the Year 3 and 4 word list words in the following document and then move onto the Year 5 and 6 word list which can be found at

  • Years 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

  • Years 5 and 6 Common Exception Words

  • Watch the clip on Charles Dickens and learn about Victorian Workhouses. Then read the 'Workhouse' text click here (maybe make some key notes) and discuss what you have learnt with an adult. Think about why people were forced to live in a workhouse and the conditions they lived in. Consider why workhouses were used in Victorian times – what were the advantages of these? As a contrast now consider the negative aspects of workhouses. Write a balanced argument (for/against), detailing your reasons (using all the information)

  • Watch the video clip of the workhouse again, but this time, just the part with the workhouse boy filming. Your task is to write a diary entry as if you are that workhouse child. Describe what the workhouse looks like, smells like, feels like and what you can hear. Use this description in your diary of a typical day in the workhouse. Include your emotions – are you scared of the master? Are you worried about your siblings or parent? Are you feeling ill/sick with all the hard labour tasks you have to do and with little food to eat? Use exciting sentence openers to make your writing interesting


Useful English Websites:

Mr Shammas Poetry Task (Teacher from Catherine Wayte Primary School)


Useful Maths Websites:

Topic and Other Activities:

  • Research Vikings – Viking runes, drawing the runes alphabet

  • Design a new Viking long ship – Think about water resistance and stability – You could make a model of it

  • Research the famous Victorians, Charles Darwin and Isambard Kingdom Brunel

  • Coding -

  • A bird census - Find a spot inside or outside where you can watch your back garden. Can you list the birds that visit the garden? Can you identify them? Create a tally chart and log the numbers over a time period. E.g 30 mins or 60 mins. 

  • Draw a self portrait - think about proportions and positioning of features. E.g. eyes half way down the head



  • A list of fun Geography based ideas to do around the home or garden - click here


  • Victorian inventions: Lots of important things we use today originated from the Victorian era. Our lives would be very different if the Victorians had not been so resourceful and inventive! Research and choose which one you think was the most important. Can you persuade us why this is the most important invention? Maybe you could prepare a PowerPoint presentation or film yourself presenting this (Dragons’ Den style) or use Purple Mash Animation Story to explain who invented it, when and why. Be creative!


  • Complete activities on this website, to unlock further resources! You will need to sign up, but it is completely free - click here

  • 101 Science experiment ideas! - click here

  • Are you ready for a challenge? Download the 'Challenge Cards' - click here

  • Make a parachute and investigate how to change the speed of the fall. What equipment will you need? What will you keep the same? What will you change? How can you make it a fair test? Used the attached sheets to help you

  • Research forces - including Sir Isaac Newton – gravity

  • Take a toy car or a toy which has wheels, give it a push and watch it travel across 4 different surfaces. Which surface do you think it will travel the furthest on? How far does it travel on each surface? What do you notice happens? Why might this be? Look at the following website to find out what was happening and why:

  • Research forces other than gravity such as air resistance, water resistance and friction, and make a short information leaflet explaining what they are; what effects they have and with examples

  • Look at the moon each night- what do you notice about it's shape? Why might this be happening? How long does it take to get back to the first shape you saw? Why do we sometimes see the moon in the day? Do some research about it and create a fact file/powerpoint/poster to show what you've discovered about the moon


  • Create a recipe for a 'Healthy Me'. Look at the example (click here) and have a go at designing a 'Healthy Me' recipe which will include things such as: plenty of sleep, water to drink, healthy balanced diet, positive mind set, exercise etc. Remember it’s a recipe to make a healthy YOU not for a cake!

Useful Websites:

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