Year 3

Please see below some useful activities and websites to support your child at home, if they are in Year 3.


You can download the 'Year 3 Home Learning Pack' from the Twinkl website. Please register for free and use the code 'UKTWINKLHELPS' and click on the following link:


Year 3 Interactive Learning Links: Twinkl -

You can download the 'Lower KS2 Home Learning Pack' from the Teacher's Pet website. Please register for free and click on the following link:

Lower KS2 Home Learning Pack 2 -


  • Daily reading – school reading book, books from home, comics and so on

  • Create a book review for a book you’ve really enjoyed: what happens in the book? Who is your favourite character? Why? What is the most exciting part? Who would you recommend it to?

  • Practise words from the Year 3 spellings list, using the Spellzone website below

  • Play spelling and grammar games from the Topmarks website below

  • Write an adventure story

  • Persuasive Writing TaskCan you mark the attached piece of work using the criteria?

  • Punctuation TaskCan you add in the correct punctuation to the attached piece of text?

  • Speech TaskCan you punctuate the attached dialogue?

  • The Romans reading and comprehension task - click here for the text and here for questions

  • Write a Roman army acrostic poem - See the attached sheet


Useful English Websites:

  • Spelling and grammar games - Topmarks website - click here

  • Spelling games - Spellzone website - click here

  • Keyboard touch type - click here

  • Phonics Play (Free access: Username: march20 Password: home) - click here

  • Amazon's audible story collection - click here

Mr Shammas Poetry Task (Teacher from Catherine Wayte Primary School)


  • Practise your 3, 4 and 8 times tables (including division facts) using Times Tables Rock Stars

  • Make a recipe and weigh out the ingredients

  • Complete activities on Mathletics

  • Practise adding three digit numbers - complete this attached task

  • Practise adding multiples of 10 and 100 - complete this attached task

  • Practise comparing and ordering fractions - complete this attached task

  • Can you add and subtract fractions with the same denominator? - See attached sheet and PDF PowerPoint to support this

  • Can you complete the 'adding fractions to make one whole' task? - See attached sheet

  • Can you complete the Maths reasoning sheet? There are 3 reasoning questions for you to try. (Parents/Carers, you will need to remove the answers first!)  - See attached sheet

  • Practise adding simple amounts in coins and notes. Practise finding change from £10

  • Play some of the Maths games from the websites listed below

  • Daily online Maths lessons can be found at:

  • Third Space Maths Hub (you will need to register for free) - downloadable resources

Useful Maths Websites:

Topic and Other Activities:


  • Research a healthy diet using the BBC Bitesize link below then create a menu for a balanced diet

  • Watch the video on the following BBC link (click here) about parts of plants, and then complete the attached sheet. Can you label the different parts of the plant and write down what job each part does?

  • Complete activities on this website, to unlock further resources! You will need to sign up, but it is completely free - click here

  • 101 Science experiment ideas! - click here

  • Are you ready for a challenge? Download the 'Challenge Cards' - click here


  • Create a fact file about the different Egyptian Gods or the Egyptian pyramids. Write a secret message in hieroglyphics

  • Use the attached PowerPoint about the Roman army to complete the fact sheet. In the last box can you draw a picture of a roman army formation? Use the BBC link for more facts about the Roman army - click here


  • Draw a diagram of the River Nile. Label the source, the mouth, flood plains. Use an atlas or online maps to research the locations of Ancient Egyptian pyramids

  • A list of fun Geography based ideas to do around the home or garden - click here

  • Create a travel brochure - use the attached template to help you


  • Keep active – Use the ‘GoNoodle’ website to complete dance routines indoors


Useful Websites:

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